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Dental Credit Cards

In today’s economy many are unsecured credit cards for bad credit to cover basic dental expenses.  The results are obvious, putting off dental procedures that are important such as checkups, cleanings and fillings can result in much larger more expensive problems down the road.

Even though it is difficult to pay for dental care at times it is important.  If the patient doesn’t have dental insurance there are other options that can be explored.

  • Paying Cash- Although this is not what most would consider and easy decision, when faced with taking a vacation or paying for needed dental care it is sometimes the decision that we are faced with.
  • Paying with Credit- Our only option may be to pay using credit.  As pointed out in the video above, Dental credit is an option.
  • Payment Plan with Your Dentist- If you don’t have cash or credit and you have credit issues that prevent you from getting bad credit credit cards then you may want to approach your dentist to see if there are any options to make payments directly to your dentist.

Even though a patient asks their dentist to finance their dental procedure there may be a good chance that they will not work with patients with bad credit.

According to one California dentist “If the patient can’t get dental financing and has no credit card available, there is usually a good reason not to be that person’s bank.”  Quoted from thewealthydentist.com

A patient should not let that discourage them from applying for financing with their dental provider.   A Kentucky dentist was quoted as saying Dental patients with poor credit sometimes don’t even bother trying to get approval. “Most patients won’t even fill out the application if they don’t think they will be accepted. They usually know if they have bad credit,” Quoted from thewealthydentist.com

Good advice for dental patients are to first apply for any dental financing that their dentist offers, if it does not cover the entire dental procedure or if they are completely denied then look for alternative financing through bad credit credit cards.

Regardless of what method you chose it is a better financial decision to take care of dental issues as they arise as opposed to putting them off.

When many find their self in a situation where they have fallen upon hard times they struggle to know where to start to get their credit back to the place where they can be approved for financing for things like dental procedures.  Often the best place to start to build new good credit is with secured credit cards for bad credit.

A secured credit card is a great way to establish a new trade line.  If the consumer uses the secured credit card in a responsible manner then the credit card company will report this to the credit bureau.  Secured credit cards can be used to finance purchases anywhere credit cards are accepted.  A great way to build credit if a consumer is in this situation and they need dental work is to apply for the secured credit card and use it to pay for the dental work that you have already planned to pay for with cash.


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